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Town of Walkerville

Who are we?

The Friends of the Walkerville Wesleyan Cemetery is a volunteer group that maintains the cemetery grounds, and is involved in raising funds for the maintenance and repairing of damaged or vandalised headstones. The Walkerville Council provide some annual funding and strong support for the Friends.


What do we do?
  • Maintain the heritage nature of the Cemetery through regular gardening activities (weeding, clearing of leaves, plantings).
  • Apply for Federal or State Government grants for specific projects within the cemetery,
  • Prepare a rolling 5 year plan for the repair of broken headstones,
  • Select annually the headstones for repair within the budget and through the Walkerville Council, tender for the work to be done by specialist stonemasons.
  • Prepare an annual work plan for the Council Depot to organise their Cemetery activities,
  • Involve local schools in activities where appropriate,
  • Conduct tours of the cemetery on request, or through the State History Month program,
  • Provide some research to families who have relatives buried in the cemetery and encourage financial support if a headstone or surround needs repair.
  • Engage in social programs with other groups,
  • Meet other people and have fun discussing our volunteer activities.

Who can join?

Anyone who enjoys company and local history, and is prepared to provide a few hours gardening work in the Cemetery throughout the year. Joining the Friends is open to people of any age, gender, nationality, occupation and natural ability. There is something for everyone and no special qualifications are required. The Friends meet 6 times a year in Committee, and have several weekend mornings on Cemetery working bees together with social activities.


Our Cemetery Booklet

The Friends have produced a booklet with Council support that provides a guide to the Cemetery, including a self guided tour visiting some of the more famous and interesting graves. This is available free in the Cemetery or the Walkerville Library.


Did you know?

We have a number of prominent and interesting people buried in the Cemetery including:

  • William Watson and his wife who was born in 1770 as Capt Cook was sailing the East coast of Australia.
  • Three generations of the Cleland family after whom the Cleland Conservation park is named,
  • Philip Josua Le Cornu of the le Cornu furniture business. There are 23 of his descendents in the Cemetery,
  • Mary Lee the South Australian Women’s rights activist,
  • Patent Attorneys, the Collison family filed patents to Alexander Graham Bell for his telephone and Thomas Edison for his electric light,
  • There are over 400 children buried under the age of 1 reflecting the challenges of early pioneers,
  • There are 7 memorials to ANZACS killed overseas in World War I and a plaque erected,
  • The booklet details many more.

Donations towards the cost of repairing our heritage headstones and grave surrounds are most welcome.
In addition, the Friends will consider providing some financial assistance to a family wishing to repair the headstone or grave surround of their family member buried in the Cemetery.




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