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Town of Walkerville


The Town of Walkerville understood that the existing Lansdowne Terrace stormwater drain was reaching capacity and required investigation and capacity improvements. Furthermore, the section of Lansdowne Terrace between North East Road and Vale Street is in poor condition and the road is due for renewal as part of Council’s ongoing capital renewal program.

2015/2016 Summary

Given the requirement for both stormwater and road, Council commenced concept design work in 2015/2016. This body of work included inspecting the existing drain and reviewing catchments to determine to the future flows and capacity requirements. This work helped develop the initial concept design and cost estimates that staff used for budget bid presentations to the Council.

2016/2017 Summary

In 2016/2017 Staff continued with the concept development and moved into community consultation and detailed design for the project.

It is important that Council engage with the community in relation to this project, marketing material and banners will be erected in late June and Council staff are holding 2 street meetings to engage with the community on this important project.

Two street meetings have been held and Council is continuing to seek feedback on the following:

  • Rain gardens and other water sensitive urban design treatments

  • Kerb extensions

  • Line marking treatments for cyclists

  • Future street tree locations

Click HERE to view the  Indicative Timeframe only. Further information will be provided throughout the project.

Council will continue to provide updates to the community via this webpage and the Weekly Round Up.

Written submissions can be emailed or posted to Council and must be received by 5pm, Friday 28 July 2017.

Town of Walkerville

66 Walkerville Terrace

Gilberton SA 5081

Attention:  Manager, Assets and Infrastructure Subject line:  Landsdowne Tce

Key Project Contacts

Michael Blythe,

Project Officer, Assets & Infrastructure

(Project Manager)

Joshua Bowen

Manager Assets & Infrastructure

Ph: 8342 7100

Examples of Water Sensitive Urban Design

Lansdowne Project - Water sensitive urban design 

Rain Garden

Lansdowne Project - Rain garden 1
Rain Garden

Lansdowne Project - Tree inlet leaky
Tree Inlet (leaky well)

Lansdowne Project - leaky 2
Tree Inlet (leaky well)

Lansdowne Project - leaky 3
Tree Inlet (leaky well)