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Town of Walkerville

In 2015, Council consulted with the local community to develop a masterplan for Mary P Harris and Howie Reserves.  The recent upgrade to Mary P Harris Reserve is only Stage 1 of major open space renewal project which is intended to create a multi-use open space for the Town of Walkerville. 

 The “big picture” for the masterplan is to create:

  • a better connected open space that feels more like one large park
  • an adaptable  “town square” for community events and activities
  • Improved links and ways to enjoy the view to the River Torrens
  • a safer pedestrian environment for people walking to, and from, River Torrens and Linear Park
  • enhanced conditions for biodiversity assets and natural habitats. 

Stage 1:  Mary P Harris Reserve


 Mary P Harris Bundilla photo resized


Mary P Artist Impression Image

Caption:  Artist impression of the completed Mary P Harris and Howie Reserve renewal project.

This image illustrates some of the elements of the project yet to be realised.  These include:  the shared street environment, public art and design on Mary P Harris Reserve and a “plaza” area for public events, such as fairs or markets.  Design concepts courtesy Jensen PLUS.

Stage 2:

Stage 2 contains some significant features, including: 

  • A community events space

The new plaza / shared street environment across Victoria Terrace will link the retail precinct with the park – ideal for hosting community events.

  • An improved link to the River Torrens

Improved  access will be provided down to the River Torrens, so that’s its safer and easier to use for those with visual or movement impairments or if you are pushing a pram or using bikes.

  • A new platform to enjoy views to the water

A viewing platform for sitting and enjoying the water views amongst the greenery.

  • Better connected parks

Victoria Terrace and the access road running through the parks could become shared streets, where motorists are encouraged to drive slowly and be aware of increased pedestrian and cyclist activity. The road surface will be paved and at one level with the surrounding area (no raised kerbs).

  • More furniture and places to spend time

More furniture will be installed to provide options for relaxing and enjoying the environment or for drinking coffee, eating lunch bought at a neighbouring café or having a picnic.

  • More shrub and tree planting

More trees and shrubs will be planted for amenity and to help stabilise and improve the River banks.

Click HERE to see how we envisage the completed project will look like with more furniture, artworks, new plantings, better connections and event spaces and a viewing platform near the River.

There may be even more ideas that emerge as part of the detailed design process for Stage 2 of the project. 


So far, the works undertaken at Mary P Harris Reserve have been funded by the Council.

The design has been staged to allow for commencement and construction as funding becomes available. Council is continuing to seek grants/support from external  sources (such as the State Government) to deliver the entire project.

Strategic context

In 2010, the Council endorsed A connected community:  the Town of Walkerville urban master plan as its visionary document guiding planning over the next 30 – 50 years.  The focus of the master plan was to reinvigorate the Town’s urban fabric.  In 2014 an Open Space Strategy  was developed which provided a framework for the management, preservation and protection of open spaces and included a proposal to redevelop Mary P Harris and Howie Reserve. 

Latest news:

Click HERE to see the temporary signage installed on Mary P Harris and Howie Reserve.