Something Wild

22nd March 2021
Join us and Daniel Motlop for an evening of green ant gin and Indigenous food.

Something Wild

Something WildDaniel Motlop + green ants + native produce = a wonderful evening involving the evolution and exploration of Indigenous food.

Join us for green ant gin and Indigenous canapé tasting as self-proclaimed foodie Daniel Motlop hosts an interactive masterclass about the origin and culture behind Indigenous food.

Using all your senses, you will be able to touch, smell and taste different native produce during the masterclass and learn about the different uses.

You will even have the chance to try green ant gin if you are game!

Daniel Motlop is the General Manager and part-owner of Something Wild – the largest Indigenous owned food and beverage company in Australia.

As part of the masterclass, he will talk about the products from the land, where they come from, how they are sourced and the native roots of the foods.

Don’t miss your chance for a quirky, informative and fun evening of Indigenous food and culture!

Friday, 14 May 2021


$15, includes a glass of green ant gin and Indigenous canapé tasting (valued at $40)

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