Asset Management Plan

CCC2020-2030 Asset Management Plan

The Town of Walkerville’s assets provide valuable services to the district and consist of more than 3900 individual assets, including transport (roads, footpaths, kerb and carparks), buildings, stormwater, open space (structures furniture & facilities) and plant and equipment.

In total, the portfolio has a replacement value of $158 million and a “Fair Value” (depreciated replacement value) of $115 million. The effective and efficient management of the portfolio will ensure the assets are maintained at an appropriate level and at an affordable cost to the community.

Council’s Asset Management Plan has been prepared to meet minimum legislative and organisational requirements for sustainable service delivery and long term financial planning and reporting. This plan is to be read in conjunction with Council’s digital asset management program – the Assetic System.

The Town of Walkerville is transitioning to this online medium as a way to log and display the data of specific asset groups. Transport is the first asset class to be created through the system and the remaining four groups will be transitioned in future.

The purpose of the Asset Management Plan (AMP) is to ensure that assets provide their required levels of service in the most cost effective manner to cater for both the present and future community. This plan specifies the requirements for effective management of assets and the corresponding financials. The figures in this plan are reviewed annually, with a full update completed every four years.

Click here to view Council's 2020-2030 Asset Management Plan.

Click here to view Council's Transport (roads, footpaths, kerb and carparks) digital Asset Management Plan via the Assetic System.