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Town of Walkerville

Author Talk - Geoff Brooks

21 March 2019, 10am 

Join the Friends of the Walkerville Library as Geoff Brooks speaks of South Australia’s history with Rhinos starting with Mr Rhini in 1886.

With over 20 years of working with Rhinos, Geoffs understanding of their beauty and intelligence has been vital to the species survival.

Rhinos are no longer anonymous specimens kept merely for display but valuable individuals, vital to the survival of their species. All have travelled from overseas and, to keep their bloodline fresh and strong, many will eventually go elsewhere. It is no longer possible to keep Rhino’s in isolation. They have become a species always in transit.*

The Friends of the Walkerville Library will host a free morning tea for guests after Geoff’s talk.

Call 8342 7100 for more information.

*Information courtesy of Zoos SA

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