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Town of Walkerville


In 2010, the Council endorsed A connected community:  the Town of Walkerville urban master plan as its visionary document guiding planning over the next 30 – 50 years.  The focus of the master plan was to reinvigorate the Town’s urban fabric. 

In 2014 an Open Space Strategy  was developed which provided a framework for the management, preservation and protection of open spaces and included a proposal to redevelop Mary P Harris and Howie Reserve.

The Mary P Harris and Howie Reserve renewal project has been undertaken in response to the consultation for a masterplan for Mary P Harris and Howie Reserves undertaken in late 2015 with a view to make these spaces more interesting, accessible and usable for the community.

The intent of the masterplan is to create:

  • a better connected open space that feels more like one large park
  • an adaptable  “town square” for community events and activities
  • Improved links and ways to enjoy the view to the River Torrens
  • a safer pedestrian environment for people walking to, and from, River Torrens and Linear Park
  • enhanced conditions for biodiversity assets and natural habitats.

This project has been divided into two stages, with Stage 1 relating to Mary P Harris Reserve and Stage 2 relating to Howie Reserve.


Stage 1 – Mary P Harris Reserve

Stage 1 involved the revitalisation of Mary P Harris Reserve, including the installation of new paved areas, greenery, new furniture, stone walls and pathways while maintaining an open green space.


Stage 2 – Howie Reserve

Council is consulting on Stage 2 of the Mary P Harris and Howie Reserve Renewal project.

Proposed new design elements for Howie Reserve (located just behind Mary P Harris Reserve) include: 
  • Shaded picnicking area and BBQ space
  • Sustainable new plantings of trees, shrubs and grasses complementing retained trees
  • Play equipment
  • Bike rack
  • Colourful road treatments
  • Logs, rocks and built features that stimulate play, imagination and creativity
Public consultation closes Friday 19 October 2018.