Environmental Management

The environment is extremely important to the Town of Walkerville.

Our ‘vision’ is to protect and enhance the environment, and we acknowledge that environmental boundaries extend beyond Council boundaries.

Council is committed to implementing practices that work towards an environmentally sustainable place where our aim is to create a balance between the natural environment and the urban environment.

The Town of Walkerville encourages residents and industry to value and protect the environment in order to benefit current and future generations.

Please follow the links below for ideas on how to save money and minimise impacts on the environment.

Energy saving tips

Water saving tips


As winter sets in the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is urging homeowners to be mindful of the impact that smoke from indoor wood heaters and outdoor burning can have on neighbours and the environment.

We encourage all South Australians to be mindful of the impact of smoke from indoor wood heaters and outdoor burning, this Winter.

Tips for burning better

SA Laws for burning outdoors