Council Policies

The following Policies have been approved by Council.

Budget Management Policy

Building Inspection Policy

Building Over Easements Policy

Caretaker Policy

Cemetery and Memorials Policy

Code of Conduct for Council Employees

Code of Conduct for Elected Members

Code of Practice – Access to Meetings and Documents -  Electronic

Code of Practice - Procedures at Meetings

Collections Policy

Community Engagement and Consultation Policy

Community Fund Program Policy

Complaints Handling Procedure under Council members Code of Conduct

Council Assessment Panel Code of Conduct

Damage to Council Infrastructure Policy

Development Act Delegations Policy

Development Enforcement and Compliance Policy

Disposal of Land and Assets Policy

Elected Member Allowances and Benefits Policy

Elected Member Training and Development Policy

Elections – Casual Vacancies Supplementary Elections

Financial Internal Controls Policy

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy

General On-Street Parking Policy

Heritage Management Policy

Heritage Plaques Policy

Heritage Plaque Fund Policy

Informal Gatherings Policy

Internal Review of Council Decisions policy

Interpretative Signage Policy

Lease and Licence for Community Land and Buildings Policy

Liquor Licence Management Policy

Local Government (Procedures at Meetings)Regulations 2013

Order Making Policy

Outdoor Dining Policy

Plaques Policy 

Privately Funded Development Plan Amendment Policy

Procurement Policy

Public Interest Disclosure Policy

Public Interest Disclosure Procedure

Public Land Encroachment Policy

Public Question Time Policy

Rating Policy

Request for Service and General Complaint Handling Policy

Residential Parking Permit Policy

Risk Management Policy

Selection of Road Names Policy

Social Media Policy

Sponsorship Policy

Temporary Road Closure policy

Treasury Management Policy

Urban Forest Management Policy

Use of Council Reserves Parks Gardens Memorial Gardens and Open Spaces Policy