Open Space Strategy

OpenSpace2020-2025 Open Space Strategy

Open space is essential to a healthy, liveable and enjoyable community within the Town of Walkerville. It provides opportunities for active and passive recreation, biodiversity, conservation, carbon sequestration and water resource management, while contributing to visual amenity and acting as a buffer between land uses.

To meet the needs of the growing and changing residential and worker population, Council prepared an Open Space Strategy in 2014 for the entire Township. This document has been worked upon and updated, appearing as the 2020-2025 Open Space Strategy.

This report provides a strategic position for the Town of Walkerville's open space areas with reference to Council and State Government strategic documents, Council's demographic profile and current open space and recreation trends. It outlines a series of recommended future works relative to each of the Council owned or managed open spaces, in order of priority as determined by Council.

OpenSpaceKey issues

The strategy provides direction on:

  • the demand for open space as the Township's population continues to grow;
  • ensuring open spaces can provide for and adapt to differing needs and uses, providing people with the opportunity to connect with nature;
  • providing an overview of open space priorities to inform Council's resource, maintenance and budget allocations;
  • categorising open space so that it is clear if the parks and reserves serve their purpose at a local, neighbourhood, district or regional level;
  • identifying strategies, activities and actions that support the themes and objectives developed in Council's Strategic Plan.

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