Public Art Strategy

Public art in Walkerville

When you hear the word art – what do you imagine? Do you think of the bright swirls of street art and murals, or maybe a classic sculpture that represents a historic character from a community?

The word “art” conjures up different visions for every individual and can incorporate a multitude of features.


The purpose of the Public Art Strategy is to guide high quality future works within the Town of Walkerville that engage the community, amplify the Township’s unique cultural and natural heritage, and celebrate its diversity. The strategy aims to set a new and consistent way of how public arts can be conceived, developed, implemented and sustained.

In the absence of such a strategy in the past, there has been no unified approach to the way in which public art should fit with the character of Walkerville. The principles outlined in this plan help to define what is acceptable for the visual amenity of the area and provide guidance should the opportunity for artwork within the Township present itself. In doing so, the strategy is the foundation that will support and scaffold public art for the Township into the future.

Click here to view the Town of Walkerville Public Art Strategy.

The Public Art Strategy was endorsed by Council on 20 July 2020 as per resolution CNC6/20-21.