Streets of Distinction

Streets of Distinction

The Town of Walkerville Streets of Distinction is an initiative which identifies streets in the Township that have specific heritage and cultural significance. Special bespoke blade signage is installed at these locations to showcase the points of interest.

The signage aligns with Council's aspirations as part of its Urban Masterplan, which provides a vision and direction for the future development of Walkerville. The central theme of the plan is to present Walkerville as a connected community that has achieved the right balance for community life, economic progress and environmental sustainability. The Masterplan also articulates opportunities for Council to achieve a stronger brand reputation for the Town of Walkerville through the delivery of increased signage.

In alignment with the development of the Masterplan in 2010, Council embarked on updating its corporate identity, along with the development and rollout of directional signage and plaques for the Township. Designs were informed through a rigorous process of public consultation and subsequently endorsed by the Council of the day.

In May 2019, Council authorised Administration to commission a series of new street blade signage as part of stage two of this directional signage rollout. The Streets of Distinction were identified by Council's Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee and are listed below.

More information can be found in Council's Interpretive Signage Policy.