Business and Economic Development

Business and economic development in the Town of Walkerville


Whether you live, work or relax in Walkerville - business plays a crucial role in our economy, environment and social wellbeing. Using the three points from the above definition, the Town of Walkerville aims to engage our businesses to support their livelihoods, foster a bustling business district and ensure people are attracted to the area in order to stimulate economic activity.

The Town of Walkerville is on the board of Propel SA and part of the Eastern Region Alliance (ERA) Business and Economic Development Group. Administration encourages businesses to get involved with these groups, which we support to provide mentoring, networking events and business advice.

Propel SA (formerly Eastside Business Enterprise Centre) offers a range of services designed to help businesses succeed, while the ERA Business and Economic Development group aims to develop industries and grow employment in eastern Adelaide. Boasting a $10 billion economy, with more than 100,000 jobs, and nearly 30,000 registered businesses, the ERA region is a significant economy with its own challenges and opportunities in the future.

During COVID-19, the Town of Walkerville has also committed to a Shop Local campaign as a way to promote our businesses which are trading during this difficult economic climate.


From the Mayor of Walkerville

Small business is the backbone of our community. As Mayor, I recognise the invaluable contribution local companies make to the Township’s economy and in creating employment. As such, Council has a focus on stimulating economic development and assisting local companies in boosting business.

This year, we created a new Shop Local campaign and we continued partnerships with business organisation Propel SA and the Eastern Region Alliance (ERA) Economic Development Group, to provide invaluable networking and mentor services to our businesses.

Now, I am pleased to announce that in line with our strategic goal to support small business, the Town of Walkerville has been accepted as a Small Business Friendly Council (SBFC) by the South Australian Small Business Commissioner, John Chapman.

The SBFC Initiative aims to assist Council in enabling economic development, enhancing local relationships, boosting networking and encouraging business opportunities. As part of the SBFC Initiative, Council will work towards meeting specific goals of the SBFC Charter and staff will have access to information sharing and networking between Councils across the State – including workshops, newsletters and case studies.

To date, 36 out of 68 Councils in South Australia have joined the SBFC Initiative.

For more information on the SBFC Initiative, click here.

To view the businesses on Council’s Shop Local list, click here.

Business news

Propel SA - Free 12 month membership

As a business operating within the Town of Walkerville, Council has increased the level of support to you as a business owner in the area, and would like to extend to you 12 months of FREE membership to our business association, Propel SA.

Propel SA works with you to propel your business forward, assisting you with networking, business services, advice and tools and personalised support when you need.

An annual membership with Propel SA starts at $360, and Council will cover the cost for you for 12 months.

Businesses must register by 31 December 2020 to receive the offer.

Read more about the benefits of membership by downloading the Propel SA Member Offering.

Complete the registration form to confirm your Free 12 month membership by downloading the Propel SA Membership Form.


.Our business commitment

Encourage business opportunities that contribute to economic prosperity by:

  • Continuing an involvement with Propel SA and other government programs for supporting business establishment and growth;
  • Promoting the Australian Government's home business guidelines and the South Australian Government's Small Business Centre;
  • Liaising with businesses to identify the most effective way to communicate with them;
  • Investigating ways to increase the use of venues in Walkerville for major cultural events such as the Festival of Arts and Fringe Festivals;
  • Supporting existing businesses, along with home businesses, in established commercial areas and encourage the "Shop Local" campaign;
  • Promoting wider "of-interest" information to businesses to educate them of ways to improve their dealings (for example, national and state-level grants).

Maintain and strengthen the "local village" quality of our main streets by:

  • Ensuring planning policies do not detract from the amenity of our streets and centres;
  • Maintaining Walkerville Terrace as the central focus for retail and business activity, and as the heart of our town;
  • Developing plans and frameworks that build on the historic village character and link the main street with surrounding parks and gardens.

Performance Measures:

  • Articles in the Town of Walkerville's newsletter Weekly Round Up, as well as quarterly community publication About Town, specifically targeted to business;
  • A number of Council website links to assist new and existing businesses;
  • Invitations to Council events provided to business representatives.

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