Chickens can be kept on Town of Walkerville residential properties so long as they are for domestic needs.

Town of Walkerville does not have a limit on the amount of Chickens per property. 

It is important to remember that chickens should be kept in such a location, structure and condition that they will not cause a nuisance or risk to health in any way.

Sanitation Requirements

  • All poultry enclosures must be kept and maintained in a clean condition, free of odour and vermin attraction at all times.
  • Dead birds are to be disposed of immediately by burial or bagging and placement in the weekly garbage bin.
  • Excess manure should be stored in a fly proof container and the contents disposed of weekly so as to prevent offensive odours and the breeding of flies.

  Please consider the following before deciding to keep chickens

  • Do you have the time to clean the pens and maintain them regularly to prevent offensive odours?
  • Do you have adequate room to prevent offensive odours?
  • Is the position of the pen going to create a nuisance to your neighbours? e.g. smell or noise.