Computers and Printing

Free Public Computers

Walkerville Library provides free Internet and public PCs. Guest passes for people visiting the state are also available. Bookings of One Hour per day, per card, with an option of an additional 30 minutes if available.

15-minute express Internet PCs and free wireless internet is also available.

One-to-one Computer, Laptop and iPad Help

Experienced Tutors are available at Walkerville Library to provide individual help on any computer topic or application in our Tech Tuesday sessions. Free 30 minute sessions can be booked, or for a quick question, utilise the Drop-in Help Desk. To find out session times please call Walkerville library on 8342 7150.


Printing fees

Black & White printing:

A4 - Single-sided $0.20 per page Double-sided $0.40 per page

A3 - Single-sided $0.40 per page Double-sided $0.80 per page

Colour printing:

A4 - Single-sided $1.00 per page Double-sided $2.00 per page

A3 - Single-sided $2.00 per page Double-sided $4.00 per page

How to print from your wireless device

To print from a laptop or home desktop

Open an internet browser and go to

  • Printer – Choose one of the options
  • User Info – Type in your email address
  • Select Document – Browse your files to select then click on the next button
  • Printing Options – Select the number of copies and click next
  • Approve the Print Job – Click on Print button

To print from a tablet, phone or smart device

There are two options to print from your tablet or smart device – using email or downloading the PrinterOn App.

Option 1 - Email

Send an email to the appropriate email address below and attach the document you would like to print to your email.

A4 Black & White Single Sided -

A4 Black and White Double Sided -

A4 Colour Single Sided -

A4 Colour Double Sided -

A3 Black & White Single Sided -

A3 Black and White Double Sided -

A3 Colour Single Sided -

A3 Colour Double Sided -

Option 2 - PrinterOn App

  • Download the free PrinterOn App from iTunes or Google Play
  • Open the App and click on the select printer button
  • Type Walkerville Library in the search and a list of all the printers will appear
  • Select the type of printer you want – eg Black and White single sided, Colour double sided etc
  • Select the type of item you would like to print – photos, documents, emails or web pages
  • Press the print button and enter your email address
  • Press the tick icon in the top right hand to submit printing

Collecting printing

Pay and collect for print jobs on the print release computer, located next to the printer in the library, by entering your email address.

Booking a Computer

Book a computer by phone, email or in person at Walkerville Library.

Conditions of Use

  • To secure a time for your use, computer bookings are essential.
  • Should you wish to print, please undertake this within your allocated computer session.
  • For ease of use, it is suggested that basic computer knowledge is an advantage. Where possible, staff may assist should you have difficulty however individual training is not provided.
  • For the comfort of all customers we ask that you consider the rights and sensibilities of other library users.
  • Assessing inappropriate material is strictly prohibited at all times and may result in banning access.
  • Staff reserve the right to restrict the use of the computer should inappropriate use or actions be determined.
  • Please consider all Copyright Regulations and associated laws.
  • For computer users under the age of 18 years, parents and/or guardians are required to complete the necessary form and will accept responsibility for the minor’s use of the internet.

Wireless Internet

Free Wireless is available to Walkerville Library members.

To use the Wireless internet with your own laptop, tablet or smart phone, you will need to have a library card and password. Please enquire with a library staff member if you need assistance.