Animals & Pests

Dog control

Please note that it is the responsibility of every dog owner to ensure;

  • That all dogs kept, over 3 months of age, be registered with Council and re-registered by the 31st of August each year.
  • That dogs are under effective control at all times, i.e. all fencing should be in order and gates should be properly fitted with self-closing and locking devices to assist. A savage dog wandering at large that evades seizure may be destroyed.
  • That dogs are properly identified at all times by displaying the Council registration disc together with the owner's phone number, to ensure safe return.
  • Each owner practices a responsible attitude to the community within which they live and clean up after their dogs, while acknowledging there are penalties apply for not doing so.
  • Dogs are under effective control when in a public place. The Dog and Cat Management Act defines effective control as "held or tethered on a chain, cord or leash or being close enough to the dog to give commands that the dog will obey".
  • Awareness that where a dog is in a public place or on premises other than where it is normally kept and no person is exercising effective control over the dog, the dog shall be deemed to be wandering at large, making this an offence.
  • Awareness that heavy penalties apply for offences incurred under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995. Maximum penalties where Court action is taken range from $100 to $10,000. Dogs wandering at large will be collected and impounded.