Development Applications on Public Notification

The process of public notification and consultation allows the public and in particular, adjoining or nearby property owners, the opportunity to view a proposed development, consider the likely impacts the proposal may have on them and provide any comments about the proposal prior to a decision being made.

The below Development Applications are currently open to Category 2 or Category 3 Public Notification and any interested person(s) may view the proposed plans. You are invited to submit written comments about the proposal to Council which will be taken into consideration in the decision making process.

Please be advised that comments can only be accepted during the Public Notification period and pursuant to Section 38(17) of the Development Act 1993, if the application involves a Category 2 notification and you were not entitled to receive notice of the application in accordance with the Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 2008, you cannot make a representation in relation to the application.

Your written comments must set out, with reasonable particularity, the reasons for the representation and indicate whether you wish to be heard by the Council's Development Assessment Panel. You are encouraged to use Council’s Statement of Representation form linked below when responding to developments on Public Notification.

It should be noted that pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Development Act legislations, any information provided may become part of a public document and that the opportunity to make a verbal representation to Council’s Development Assessment Panel is at the absolute discretion of the Panel.

Due to copyright issues and the provisions of the Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 2008, public inspection of documents associated with development applications is restricted. A request must be made in writing to obtain a copy of any document or information available for inspection during the notification period. Should you wish to obtain a copy of this documentation, please complete the Application to Obtain Development Documents on Public Notification Form linked below.

Council's Planning staff are available by calling 8342 7125 or by appointment to discuss applications that are subject to Public Notification and are able to provide advice in relation to the Council's Development Plan.

Public Notification

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