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Major Projects

Major projects

The Town of Walkerville is currently in the process of planning for four major projects:

  • Walkerville Bowling & Community Club;
  • 39 Smith Street Recreation Centre; 
  • Walkerville Sports Club;
  • Walkerville Oval Open Space.

These redevelopments will collectively be the largest in the history of Council – with the aim to create a modern sports and community hub within the Township, through the upgrade of the Walkerville Oval precinct and the 39 Smith Street Recreation Centre. This will become the heart of activity for the area as it will cater to the many ages, demographics and clubs of the community – both now and long into the future.

The delivery of these projects has been on Council’s agenda for a number of years and a major hurdle has been affordability. The vulnerability of the building industry and Council’s current Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) have limited the ability to progress as originally planned.

After careful consideration of finances, engagement with stakeholders and site investigations – Council is embarking on a new way forward to ensure all projects are able to be responsibly delivered.

On Monday, 27 November 2023, Council held a Special Meeting to make a decision on its major projects. Council Members unanimously supported:

  • A new build for the Walkerville Bowling & Community Club building;
  • New Walkerville Oval lighting, tennis/netball courts, cricket practice nets and picnic area;
  • Going to market to investigate both a ‘refurbishment’ option and a ‘new build’ option for the 39 Smith Street Recreation Centre; and
  • A renovation for the Walkerville Sports Club building.

To view the letter from the Mayor that was sent to all ratepayers on 30 November 2023, please click here.

At the Ordinary Meeting of 15 January 2024, Council Members unanimously supported the establishment of a Major Projects Advisory Committee to provide advice on contracts, procurement, finance, risk and project management activities. The Committee will comprise of Mayor Melissa Jones, Cr Jay Allanson, Cr Liz Trotter and Independent Member Colin Scarlett (Town of Walkerville Audit & Risk Committee Member).

Further updates in relation to each of the three projects are available below.