Women of Walkerville Foundation

Who are the Women of Walkerville?  

Also known as WOW, this is a new Committee of Council comprising female elected members of the Town of Walkerville.

The foundation members are:

  • Mayor Elizabeth Fricker

  • Councillor MaryLou Bishop,

  • Councillor Jennifer Joshi

  • Patron and former Mayor, Margot Vowles OAM
  • Rebecca Petrucco
  • Lyn O'Grady

What’s their role?

WOW will be involved in a range of activities including:

  • Initiating and delivering fund raising activities to support social (non-political) endeavours that benefit people in this community.

  • Raising additional funds to supplement Council’s Community Fund, so more people can benefit from a small grant.

  • Seeking corporate and private sponsorships to support the Committee’s activities.

  • Appling for grants as, as where, appropriate.

  • Donating funds or establishing relationships with charitable groups that reflect the overarching mission of the Committee.

  • Brokering relationships with individuals, local schools and organisations who have an interest in community wellbeing and encouraging collaborations with the Committee on its fund raising activities.

How are they different from other groups already working in areas?

WOW isn’t seeking to compete with established charitable groups or community organisations but seeking to support them in their important work.  We know that women make fantastic networkers and the members of WOW have connections that reach across their community.

Can other people join?

WOW is all about collaboration. While other people can’t become Foundation Members there are opportunities to get involved. We are also developing an email database so that like-minded people can keep in touch with us and visa-versa.

Women of Walkerville upcoming events

October Talk: Heritage at risk by National Trust of South Australia Chief Executive Officer Darren Peacock

October Talk: Willyama, The Silver King and Countess by local historian Lyn O'Grady

Women of Walkerville Mailing List

If you would like to join the Women of Walkerville mailing list, please email your name and contact email address to walkerville@walkerville.sa.gov.au